Through it work with Diaspora Communities, The African Oasis came to the realisation that many people who intend to invest in Real Estate in Africa through proxies face the risk of getting incorrect information, and thus end up losing their investments. Consequently, Diaspora investment in the Africa Real Estate has been adversely affected due to lack of safe and reliable solutions. This is despite that the Diaspora represents a significant source of funding in Africa. For an example in Zimbabwe, the Diaspora remittances rank second in terms of foreign currency earnings after exports.


The African Oasis working with its Partner, Afriglobal Realty (Pvt) Ltd to:

  • Provide safe Real Estate options for people in the Diaspora who intend to invest in Africa.

  • Link Diaspora members intending to invest in Real Estate in Africa to access mortgage and other loan facilities.

  • To create mutually beneficial relationships with local estate agents in the marketing of Real Estate to the Diaspora.

  • To create mutually beneficial partnerships with local housing developers and construction companies in the construction of houses and other structures for the Diaspora Community. 

The African Oasis /Afriglobal Strategy at a Glance 

To focus on Zimbabwe as this is the country of origin of all the Directors in Afriglobal Realty (Pvt) Ltd and The African Oasis, with a view to expand operations to other countries with a significant Diaspora population, or where there is significant interest in Real Estate from the Diaspora.

The African Oasis seeks to provide a safe and reliable integrated Real Estate Service in Africa for Africans in the Diaspora and those settled in Africa.

The African Oasis will work with it partners to secure pieces of land to build eco villages, houses, schools, health centers, recreational facilities. The houses/properties will be built using sustainable building methods and materials.

Negotiations have been opened with several land developers who have vast experience in housing and commercial development.

Mortgage Finance:

Good working relationships have already been created with several banks in Zimbabwe and hopefully other African Countries, the objective is to facilitate loans and mortgage financing for prospective Real Estate purchasers and provide an entry point into the industry.

For more information regarding our Real Estate Partners - Afriglobal Realty (Pvt) Ltd please the attached documents and follow this link to the Afriglobal’s Website.

The Construction Supplies Project

Using our low maintenance, high-quality machines that are designed and built to last, The African Oasis is offering our customers in Africa over 50 concrete building products without the need of electricity, our machines use less water in the concrete mix, resulting in a high-density block with higher structural strength.

Concrete Moulds

We offer a wide range of building materials and solutions including a wide range of shapes and sizes for everything from block paving to interlocking block systems.

Standard Commonly Sized Blocks

Our common-sized building blocks are used in over 40 countries in Africa. Each block has a flat top for ease of laying mortar and has two voids to save on material without compromising on strength. The blocks are sold in 4 standards stocked sizes of 4″, 6″, 8″, and 9″, or customers can simply supply us with their own custom dimensions.
Our block setting moulds are designed to be demoulded once the concrete has been set, resulting in a highly detailed, high-quality finish. Our range of supplies includes paving moulds; wall tiles; floor tiles and water pipe moulds.

We will offer a range of paving blocks in 4 different widths: 4-inch, 6-inch, 8 inch, and 9 inch, and these paving blocks are available in 3 different varieties such as bone, fan shape, and zigzag. Our paving blocks give a smooth finish quality, suitable for driveways and pedestrian walkways.

Column Blocks

We supply load-bearing columns. This block’s design enables the columns to incorporate steel rebar for added strength. These blocks are used for balconies, entrances, and in conjunction with our waffle system.


Jigsaw Blocks

We supply these blokes in our standard stocked sizes of 2-meter diameter, 3 and 4 meter diameter or made to your own required bespoke size. These solid jigsaw blocks have been used to keep water, store grain, used as fish tanks, and even used to create roundhouses.

Interlocking Blocks

We supply these blocks which can be used to create boundary and perimeter walls, they are quick to assemble and are constructed with rebar for added strength and the blocks can be dry stacked due to the interlocking nature of the design and the structural strength of the columns

Grass Lock Blocks

These blocks allow a firm pathway to be made whilst allowing water to permeate. A more environmentally friendly solution that works together with plant life and reduces the amount of concrete required.

Our Glen Block System

We offer our customers a dry stacking block system that creates the same look as traditional brick-built houses, this method saves time in construction and addresses the skill shortage in traditional 

bricklaying. The system creates the same look as a traditional brick-built house and can incorporate pipes, wires, rebar, and insulation within the honeycomb wall structure.

Raised Load-Bearing Platform

These Platforms (4 Part Block Systems) are for use in single or multi-storey construction. These have been designed to reduce the quantity of concrete required by up to 40%. The Platforms also drastically save on the amount of timber shuttering required to construct a solid raised platform and can also be used for fast floor and ceiling construction. The end result gives a pleasant aesthetic coffered ceiling. It saves up to 40% of construction costs on average and 50% on construction time using less cement and reinforcement than a traditional RC slab, pre-cast concrete columns are faster to construct than cast in situ columns.


We will also provide a range of systems offering unique solutions for construction projects including roofing.  

Our lightweight concrete roof tiles provide high-quality, low-cost roof tiles which are much cooler to live under than steel sheets and are far quieter during thunderstorms. Water collected from these roof tiles will also be clean enough for drinking.

Our Concrete tiles are very durable as they are unaffected by corrosion, they are Aesthetically beautiful with up to 40 years of durability.

I can also get a stone crusher and sieve which we will use to turn waste building material and rubble from destroyed buildings into aggregate that can be used in new production processes.

Stone Crusher

We are planning to have a stone crusher and sieve which we will use to turn waste building material and rubble from destroyed buildings into aggregate that can be used in new production processes.

Our Mission Statement

To empower individuals, construction entrepreneurs, businesses, property developers, and employers to address the housing and job shortages in Africa

To support and inspire local people by building a better future with our innovative building solutions and high-quality materials, making a difference in their everyday lives. With our full commitment to ensure we act in an environmentally and sustainable responsible manner to minimise the impact of all our operations on the environment.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to be the most innovative and leading construction and manufacturing company, where building the future together makes a real difference in people’s lives.

Where is this project going to be located/registered?

The project will be operated under The African Oasis 2020 Ltd and its operations will start in Zimbabwe then hopefully move to other parts of Africa

Real Estate Team

Tariro Faith Mango
Bristol, UK

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Tapiwanashe Kujinga
Harare, Zimbabwe

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Nyasha Mushininga

Harare, Zimbabwe

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