Working on Stairs

The role of the Diaspora Community, Africa Facing Professionals and Businesses is a critical Element to the Unification and Growth of the African continent.

We have access to a variety of networks of Diaspora Communities representing all the 52 countries in Africa.  The African Oasis is working with these different diaspora groups and networks to identify individuals within the Diaspora Communities who are enthusiasts about Africa in terms of resettlement, investments, or participating in the redevelopment and reconstruction of the continent through providing their skills, expertise, and knowledge. One such group has 324 000 members from all over Africa and living in different parts of the world.

We realize the skills drain crisis that has happened and is happening in Africa, we acknowledge the potential of Africa and the value of the Diaspora Community.

The African Oasis CIC is therefore embarked on a mission to work with its partners and with the diaspora communities to bring together and Capitalise on the Diaspora Expertise, Skills, Knowledge, and Connections as well as the Availability of Land and other Resources in the Continent and the Investment and Technology Opportunities from Abroad.

➢ We are Looking to work with Diaspora Professionals who understand how structures operate in different parts of Africa, we will work with the diaspora to improve and implement structures and systems that may not currently exist on the continent, the diaspora community will also bring in new ideas that can fuel the growth Africa needs.

➢ We will seek the Diaspora and all Africa Facing Professional and Businesses to share experiences, knowledge, contacts, advice, investment…We will never underestimate the impact all our partners can have on our Vision.

➢ Through joint venture agreements with our investment partners, The African Oasis will work with business communities and the diaspora communities in the UK/Europe to utilise their technical expertise, skills, knowledge, experience, contacts, and connections to run, start and grow profitable businesses in both the UK/Europe and in Africa.